Manufacturing Process


Zephyr International is providing the state of art technology and scientific knowledge to large group of Himalayan farmers in Nepal. This way we are able to successfully blend the traditional cheese making techniques with modern practices. As a result, we can produce high quality and large quantity of CHEESTICK Dog Chew in acceptable time frame.

During the manufacturing process, we meticulously focus on every single step so that CHEESTICK Dog Chew meets international standards and demands.

The manufacture process of CHEESTICK Dog Chew:

Drying of standard size & weight cut raw materials of CHEESTICK
Collection of Yak Milk
  • Yak milk is collected on a seasonal basis from the grazing unit that resides at an altitude of over 5900 meters.
  • The collected milk is then stored in large containers and shifted to the production unit.
Raw Materials Production
  • The collected milk is boiled for 3 – 4 hours in uniform proportions.
  • The boiling hot milk is then poured into a hand-cranked centrifuge device and during this process, the fat is also separated from the milk.
  • After the fat-free milk cools down, it is treated with 10 ml of lime juice and 10 mg of salt in the ration for about 100 gallons of milk. (The sourness of the mild acid coagulates the milk and the salt speeds up the process.)
  • The solids are then separated using burlap sack, which is then washed several times using warm water to remove the whey and the remains of lime juice and salt.
  • The solids in the burlap sack are squeezed and soaked for 3 weeks (based upon weather/season).
  • The cake obtained consists of about 5 % moisture, which further pressed using a heavy object to remove the excess moisture. This process also allows the raw materials to be as hard as possible.
  • The cake is smoked naturally under the sun for 2 – 3 days.
Standard Size/Weight
  • The hard cake after enough soaking is then shifted to the cutting unit.
  • The hard cake is then thoroughly sterilized.
  • Then, they are cut into standard size and weight as per the client’s requirements. (Popular weight categories are 25 gm, 50 gm, 70 gm, 90 – 100 gm, 150 gm, and 200 gm).
  • The cut pieces are once again sterilized for quality purposes and then left for soaking to eliminate the moisture.
  • Before sending to the packaging unit, the ready to pack pieces are one by one inspected for any dirt or damages.
Packaging & Delivery
  • After meticulous inspection from the quality assurance team, the ready to pack pieces are sent to the packaging unit.
  • The pieces are packaged in appropriate weight category CHEESTICK Dog Chew wrappers following the guidelines of GMP.
  • Each package consists of a silica gel/oxygen absorber to prevent rare occurrence of molds during logistics and storage.
  • The manufacture date, badge number, and bar codes are cross-checked. (We only deliver the latest batch for our consignments).
  • Every single carton consists of 24 pieces and such 8 cartons are packed in one big box. Therefore, one box contains 24 x 8 = 192 pieces. This format is applicable to all weight categories.