Why Us

In a dog lover’s life, the dog is much more than just a pet. It is the unconditional bonding that both the owners and the dog enjoy every day of their lives.

As a dog enthusiastic co-founders of Zephyr International, we value the love and concern that the dog owners possess for their beloved four-legged friends. Therefore the idea of bringing the Yak milk on your dog plate in the form of CHEESTICK Dog Chew is not only a business commodity for us. It is our desired passion to put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to provide the best quality of dog chews that are nutritional, healthy, tasty, and long-lasting. And the added good news is, CHEESTICK Dog Chew is completely natural.

Our qualified and experienced team significantly carry on their respective roles, starting from milking Yak; to undertaking production processes using traditional methods; to managing a hygienic inventory of raw materials and finished products; and to systematically operate export logistics.

The official documentation and certifications required at the country of origin (i.e. Nepal) for smooth logistics are well taken care of and transparently communicated to the clients of respective countries.

Currently, we are successfully operating in nine countries and we would like to welcome any form of questions and inquiries from interested pet industry-related business houses from all over the world.

The excitement of dogs after seeing CHEESTICK.
Always ready for CHEESTICK.
Glad to choose CHEESTICK for her dog.