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Established in 2017, Zephyr International Pvt. Ltd is specialized in producing and promoting the natural dog chews that have nutritional benefits. The company is based in Kathmandu; the capital city of Nepal residing at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Nepal is a country renowned for its hospitable culture, ethnic diversity, natural beauty, and the Himalayas as it hosts eight of fourteen peaks above 8000 meters altitude. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Nepal to experience them firsthand view of famous and pristine Himalayas stretching from east to west of the country. In addition to scenic pleasure, the Himalayan ranges are home to a large number of medicinal herbs and traditional recipes.

Zephyr International was co-founded by two young passionate dog enthusiasts who aspire to invest scientific researches and practices into the available resources and create a valuable product for the end users all over the world. In simple words, we at Zephyr International focus on the utilization of natural resources to produce high-value products from it and then promote it in the global market.

Systematic logistics, friendly communication, top quality assurance, up to date documentation, and passion to deliver the best for the clients is what our company proudly stands for now and forever.

To date the clients of nine countries have benefited from our product CHEESTICK Dog Chew and we are thriving to increase the number every year. Through online mediums and regular contact with our importers/distributors; we put an extra effort to keep in touch with the dog owners who buy CHEESTICK Dog Chew. This helps us to receive the earnest feedback of our customers to make sure the process of learning and improving is always ongoing.


To produce and promote natural and organic pet products based on the raw materials originating from the Himalayas of Nepal all over the world.


To jointly work together with the farmers based in the Himalayas of Nepal and enhance their efficiency in producing natural and organic pet products by supporting them with scientific knowledge, research, state of art tools and technologies, and modern practices.

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