100 % Organic and Natural Dog Chew

Gluten Free | Grain Free | No Binding Agents | No Artificial Flavors | No Preservatives & Chemicals

How it Began.

The concept of CHEESTICK began with a recreational visit to remote areas in the eastern Himalayas of Nepal. Little did we know that the normal trek to observe the natural beauty and Himalayan lifestyle could develop a social entrepreneurship venture.
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Raw materials of CHEESTICK is produced with a perfect blend of traditional cheese making skills passed down through generation of Himalayan farmers and the state of art technology based upon scientific research to meet the international standards and demands.
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Products and Services.

Starting from scratch to till date, based upon our drive to learn, improve and deliver the best, we have come a long way. We sincerely focus on both verity & quality of products to complements different types of dogs all over the world and their owner’s concerns.
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Ingredients of CHEESTICK

Yak Milk, Salt and Lime Juice.

Benefits of CHEESTICK

  • 100 % natural & organic;
  • Reduces irritation caused by teeth agitation in growing dogs;
  • Dental stick to keep the dogs teeth healthy, clean and strong;
  • Super hard and long lasting;
  • Very tasty;
  • Keeps the dogs busy and happy.